Ойын автоматтарында шотты толтыру

Сатып алуға болатын казинолық ойындары. Марафонға арналған футбол ставкаларларын болжау. Тимати және ставкаларлар лигасы.

Мен шотты mts телефонынан фонбетпен толтыра алмаймын / ace

Бүгінгі суперкубок үшін футболды болжау. Ақшаны алуға болатын ақшаға арналған ойын. Ойнауға ойын автоматтарында шотты толтыру онлайн ойын автоматтарын тегін.

Волейболға ставкалар жасау тіпті жұп.

Мегафоннан фонт-шотты толтыру /

Ойын автоматтарында чиптерге тіркелусіз ақысыз онлайн. Ойын автоматтарында шотты толтыру Словения Волейбол туралы болжам. Букмекерлік кеңсе қандай табыс табады. Pechanga казинолық менің орналасқан жерімнен. Лион әулие казинолық.

Ең көп беретін ойын автоматтарын тегін ойнаңыз / -infosite

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  1. Corvus and vulkan walk into the throne room Magnus oh hey vulkan and Corvus if u thought terra was under siege ur wrong father has turned me back to the imperium’s fold

  2. I still think this episode fo Bro Trip is the best one so far. Partially because its the longest one so far but also because it really gives justice to Corax. Later episodes have him basically go full emo who gave up on everything and just wants to die.

  3. If I may be constructive, I feel like this one didn’t need to be half an hour long. It sort of feels like a lot of jokes are drawn out and as a result, a lot of jokes feel like they overstay their welcome. Such as a lot of jokes involving Corvus mooding about. Even the funniest joke with Vulkun booping da frog certain moments feel like they go on for a little longer than they should.

    But its good that only ep1 has this problem as the next two have much better pacing.

  4. I just realised this now:

    Corvus Corax is the scientific name for the common raven.

    The Primarchs colour scheme is primarily black.

    The skull on his breastplate is a birds.

    His sons are named Raven Guards.


    Hope you enjoy the pilot of this little spin-off!
    I want to make it clear though: in the future, the episodes of this spin-off will be around 5-7 minutes, not this length, Ill keep the 20+ visual stuff for the main TTS episodes.
    The only reason this one is so long is to more thouroughly establish the characters and the series concept. And because we keep scripts that are way longer than initially intended and just go with it.
    Its a bit experimental on all ends, no doubt. Definitely fun to make though.
    Expect Vulkan, Corax and their merry crusade to go forth and visit many more planets before arriving on Terra!

    1. he episodes of this spin-off will be around 5-7 minutes, not this length, Ill keep the 20+ visual stuff for the main TTS episodes

      So that was a fucking lie XD

  6. Corax wonders why the Jungle Fighters aren’t given flak armour, but what he doesn’t realize is that generations of living on a death world and waxing their chests gives the Jungle Fighters skin that can probably tank a bolter round. Theres a good reason some people think they’re on the verge of being abhumans and are often called baby ogryns (not to their face of course).

  7. Please compile these into a download, with GWs recent IP policy change, Im worried they will try to force you and others to take down your videos.
    Text to Speech is an absolute fucking gem, and the vile Heretics at GW will never kill it!

  8. From wiki, this is some of the legend about sly marbo from the catachan regiment

    Sly Marbo threw a grenade and killed five Orks. Then it exploded.

    Sly Marbo poked the Warp right in the Eye of Terror.

    A Catachan Devil once stung Sly Marbo. After 5 solar days of agonising pain, the Catachan Devil died.

    Flak Armour wears Sly Marbo for protection.

    Sly Marbo doesnt have a shadow because he scared it off.

    When Ambulls go to bed at night, they check their nests for Sly Marbo.

    The fastest way to a mans heart is with Sly Marbos blade.

    Sly Marbo once shot down a Dakkajet by pointing at it with his finger and saying bang!.

    Sly Marbo doesnt shower, he takes blood baths.

    Lord Castellan Ursarkar E. Creed wears Sly Marbo pyjamas.

    If at first you dont succeed, youre not Sly Marbo.

    The official name for Exterminatus is Sly Marbo.

    Sly Marbo beat a Warlord Titan at arm wrestling.

    Sly Marbo hacked a Tyranid Prime to death with its own scything talon.

    Sly Marbo can run faster than a Shokkjump Dragsta.

    Sly Marbo sleeps with a pillow under his gun.

    The Cicatrix Maledictum was created when Sly Marbo sneezed.

    The first name engraved in every suit of Adeptus Custodes armour is Sly Marbo.

    Sly Marbo does not sleep. He waits…

    Sly Marbo does not go hunting because hunting implies the possibility of failure — Sly Marbo goes killing.

    Roboute Guilliman keeps an inspirational pict of Sly Marbo with him at all times.

    Sly Marbo won a staring contest with a Necron.

  9. Vulkan merch. Shirts with some variation of hug or burn on it. I desire this. Let the world display their love for the galaxys most beloved well-done cinnamon roll. I need this.

  10. Salamanders and Raven Guard. The chapter with the most regard for life meets the one with the best tactics. If Vulkan works together with Corvus Corax well enough, well have the Reasonable Marines.

  11. And wye u thought the text to speech device series and the podcast were great, boy this is going to be better that the duck dodgers spin-off series

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